ZGF Rebrand

ZGF is an architecture firm dedicated to sustainability. 

 Rather than focusing on their own style in architecture they focus on having their unique work speak for itself. 

With this in mind I created a new identity for ZGF that is as creative and intuitive as their designs.

The rebrand has a strong focus on its strong block language. Provided below is an alphabet used to make words for social media such as Instagram or wherever needed.

The simple geometric form can be used to make walls, shapes, patterns, and more. The opportunities are endless!

The colors were selected as they fit ZGF‘s architecture being composed often times of metal and wood leading to a clean look.

I chose to incorporate similar colors for the brand, allowing the black and white to stand out or recede into the materials hue.

ZGF is located in multiple locations including Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, New York and more giving it physical opportunity as well.

Sustainably made notebooks, pencils, and so much more. Useful for taking notes for later or maybe you just had a cool building idea.