Outside the Lines

Outside the Lines is a creative conference inspiring anyone and everyone to express themselves and have fun while doing it!

The goal for what became Outside The Lines was a conference with the push for inspiring others and creativity. Even with the initial tagline of “growing up doesn’t mean you need to put your crayons away.” The idea began with the concept that often as people grow up they feel they have to put away their crayons/creative child-like nature but that is not the case! I wanted to let people have fun, get creative, and get inspired!

There is more to a conference than merely visuals. I needed guests. Exploring across Instagram and other landscapes I chose Daniel Arsham, Bryce Wong, Alex Solis, Mr. Doodle, and Clara PerlMutter (TinyJewishGirl)! They are all so different yet share the passion for creating and having fun and drawing inspiration from everything similarly to myself.  Daniel Arsham has made furniture based on his Play-Doh design and Mr. Doodle doodles on just about anything for hours at a time! If that isn’t getting inspired and being creative then what is?


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